Amiram Levin
Amiram Levin Flash 90

Integration of haredim into the job market and the IDF is unavoidable. It's happening by itself. With or without a law, with or without the Supreme Court.

There's no reason to fight haredim. Certainly, not if the fight is aimed at procuring additional Knesset seats. Those who wish to unite instead of divide, do not solve problems with a thrust of an axe, especially not when those problems are connected to faith, worldview, and lifestyles which have developed over the course of seventy years.

Let's admit the truth: The financial investment required to enlist haredi soldiers, who often have several children, is disproportionate. The IDF does not lack for soldiers. However, the amount of many we pay for the haredim to learn Torah has been blown out of proportion, and we need to significantly reduce it.

The truth challenge is to integrate haredim into society and the Israeli economy. Later, in a natural - and in my opinion, unavoidable - process, we will accelerate their integration into the IDF - when they are willing, at the right time, and legally.

We can continue the politics and press conferences for the purpose of inciting and dividing Israeli society. Or we can find a compromise which will serve both the haredi community and the Israeli economy.

The haredim want to integrate, they want to earn a living, and they are an important and integral part of the Jewish nation.