Rabbi Amsalem (R)
Rabbi Amsalem (R)צילום: Flash 90

Again the High Court of Justice brings a little sanity to the State!

"Will then your brothers come to war while you sit here?"

The "drafted-so-to-speak" law has been abolished, and it is clear that the haredi parties would be howling. They love the wonderful situation that the government depends on, and all the coalition parties tremble from, the "Lizman-Deri-Gafni" cartel. There have not been good days for the haredi parties for the last two years, in which proposals for a solution to the inequality of the burden have failed, discrimination against recruits, and the Israbluff continues, with multi-million budgets to preserve and intensify the situation, to burying any attempt to solve the problems of Jewish identity and conversion, to a near imposition of haredi ideology by political force on any given subject according to their own views.

All the Zionist parties know that this situation is bad for the State and bad for the Jewish people, but they are silent: These ones because they depend on a coalition with them, and those ones who dream of a future coalition with them.This has been the situation for several decades, in which they are the deciding factor and thumb their noses at the majority of the people. The minority dominates the majority, and everyone is afraid of the Litzmanesque bluster and style.

As always, they exhibit great audacity, always talking in the name of "the people"; who appointed them? "The people" suffer the situation that a minority dictates to the majority; they rub their eyes time after time and don't believe it's happening to them ...

I appeal to the party I joined two years ago, the Religious Zionist Party, the "Jewish Home" you/we, who consecrate IDF service as being considered a "mitzva" (commandment), and who espouse the integration of Torah and practical life - enough of these feelings of inferiority!

Without hesitation or shame, they must make their voice heard that cancellation of the discriminatory law that ostensibly comes in the name of the Torah should be welcomed, and enough establishing these "yeshivas" for those who neither learn nor work.The Sages said: "Any Torah that does not take placed alongside work is eventually null and leads to sin". In recent years thank G-d it has been proven that it is also possible to fulfill Torah and mitzvot and to enlist ...

Anyone who's really learning should learn. All the rest - to the recruitment office or to National Service, and of course the IDF will adapt itself to the Haredi norms, as it proved it is willing and able to do ...

Translated by Mordechai Sones.