Alexander Leiblovitch (small picture)
Alexander Leiblovitch (small picture)Flash 90

Three residents of Jerusalem's Sur Baher neighborhood were convicted Monday for the death of Alexander Levlovich in September 2015.

The court found Abed Dweiyat guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to him 18 years in prison. Muhammad Abu Kaf and Elul Atrash were found guilty of aiding and abetting, and received nine years in jail each.

The three had killed Levlovich, 64, by hurling rocks at his car, as he passed through Pisgat Zeev on the way back from his festive Rosh Hashana meal. After being hit by the stones, the car swerved and hit a power pole before landing in a ditch.

Atrash's job was to act as a spotter for upcoming cars driven by Jews, while Dweiyat and Abu Kaf threw the rocks that killed Levlovich.

Levlovich's killing is seen as a harbinger for the 'knife intifada' that exploded soon afterwords.

Maya, Levlovich's daughter, praised the decision. "The terrorist's defense was incomprehensible. They claimed that the police put a stone in his car, and that Alexander was mentally ill. After two years of hearing this, it's good that Judge Rafi Carmel finally convicted them."