Haredi protest in Jerusalem
Haredi protest in Jerusalem FLASH90

In August, haredi activist Binyamin Friedman was released from prison to a hero's welcome. After serving eight months in Hadarim prison for assaulting a police officer at an anti-draft rally, he was greeted by a massive support rally attended by thousands, where he was given a $24,000 reward to 'compensate' him for his jail sentence.

According to Kikar Hashabbat, Friedman's clothing will be auctioned off in the United States in an effort to finance the large monetary prize that he received. For an entrance fee ranging from $50 to $180, the participants are invited to participate in the lottery on the T-shirt, prisoner's uniform and other items of the clothing that Binyamin Friedman wore when he sat in prison.

In addition, there will be a public lottery on another shirt with an initial price of $ 1,000.

The auction will be personally run by the grand Rabbi of the virulent anti-Zionist Satmar hassidic sect, who has come out as one of Friedman's most prominent supporters. Upon his release, he had written Friedman an open letter of encouragement, commending him for "standing up at the risk of your life against the wicked Zionist police in the Holy City", and telling him that "you are both our representative and the representative of the Almighty."

Friedman's wife also received an all expenses-paid trip to the United States from the hassidic sect, where she was the guest of honor at a summer camp belonging to Satmar.