Migron residents demonstrate
Migron residents demonstrate Campaign to save Migron headquarters

More than 100 residents of the town of Migron, including many children, demonstrated Sunday evening outside the entrance to Ben Gurion Airport to remind Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of his promise to construct a new town for them as he left for his trip to Latin America this week.

Migron was destroyed on the order of the Supreme Court in 2012, and many of the former residents have been without permanent housing for the last five years.

The residents stated that "it is time to pass the decision on permanent construction of the settlement in the Supreme Planning Council, which is due to convene soon, and to immediately begin construction in the area of ​​permanent settlement."

They mentioned the Prime Minister's remarks at a coalition meeting last week in which he stated that construction for the new town for the residents of Migron would be approved by the end of this month.

Zvi Gilo, one of the leaders of Migron, said at the rally: "Today we are coming to make sure that with the departure of Netanyahu, the promises here in Israel will be fulfilled and will not remain left in the air."

He added: "We are aware of the pressures which are exerted on the prime minister by all kinds of foreign elements regarding construction and settlement of the land during his visits abroad. We are certain that the prime minister will remember that at home, there are those who rely on him to fulfill his commitments to the Migron evacuees."

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