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Already captivating the Jerusalem skyline, the construction of Jerusalem Estates at the Schneller Compound is steadily progressing and making substantial headway. Since receiving the necessary construction permits, momentum towards the completion of the project has been building in the area. The compound looks different almost every day; the ground floors have been completed and the building is already rising from the ground.

As a result of this significant movement, Jerusalem Estates established a new VIP service with a dedicated and professional customer service coordinator who will assist customers with all their requirements and needs. In addition to helping customers custom design their apartments, the VIP service will serve as a personal address for all customer needs. The VIP customer service staff represents the company as a whole and will be able to provide customers with regular updates about the project.

What does the VIP service include?

Unlike other companies, the Jerusalem Estates’ VIP service staff is located at the actual building site. Here clients can see the plans and have their questions answered about the construction of the building. The service provides an excellent solution for foreign residents who find it difficult to deal with the Israeli bureaucracy and are often less than satisfied with the experience of purchasing an apartment in Israel. Unlike Israelis, foreigners prefer to buy an apartment that is already built.

The VIP service coordinator will supervise the entire purchasing process, and assist with all customer needs. He will ensure a smooth process from beginning to end: from choosing tiles to facilitating signatures and permits, as well as connecting the customer with any building experts and professionals needed during construction. Aware of the difficulties often experienced by buyers due to the country’s bureaucracy, the VIP service coordinator will assist buyers through the entire purchasing process. These services will include answering professional and financial questions, shortening procedures, general assistance, and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks during acquisition.

The VIP service also addresses financial aspects of the purchase. The team will assist and provide advice on issues that require attention and flag areas of caution. The Israeli mortgage market can be complicated; thus, the coordinator will assist with the entire process; arranging signatures, accompanying the buyer at every stage, and if necessary, helping the client understand how to transfer money and meet the payment schedule.

“VIP service means exactly that,” said a spokesman for Jerusalem Estates. “We want the buying experience to be as special and unique as the project is from every point of view.” He added that the VIP coordinator is empowered to be a problem solver with access to all of the key construction and management personnel.”

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