Demonstrating outside of Miriam Naor's home
Demonstrating outside of Miriam Naor's home Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

For the third consecutive week, hundreds of Tel Aviv residents demonstrated on Saturday night outside the Jerusalem home of Supreme Court Chief Justice Miriam Naor, demanding she cease protecting illegal infiltrators' rights over those of Israeli citizens.

Participating in the demonstration were the "Im Tirtzu" and "South Tel Aviv Freedom Front" organizations, as well as Israelis from around the country.

Some of the slogans included: "The Supreme Court is against the people, and the people are against the Supreme Court" and "Please leave, Miriam, [the judge who] twists everyone around her little finger."

Activist Sheffi Paz said that the battle will continue until something changes.

"Tonight, we mark ten years of illegal infiltrators being given preferential treatment at the expense of residents," she said. "Gone are the days when we accepted the Supreme Court's decision as a decree from G-d. We will not give in until the Supreme Court understands that the people are in charge, and the people want the infiltrators expelled."

"If the Supreme Court justices think infiltrators belong in our homes, we will come to their homes. The Supreme Court is no longer immune to criticism. Up until now, the Supreme Court has either disqualified or rendered useless any law proposed by the government to free our neighborhoods from the Eritrean-Sudanese occupation.

"We say: Enough! We want an Israeli Supreme Court!"

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg said, "The residents of southern Tel Aviv are victims of a much greater problem, which must be solved. This problem is called unbridled legal activism. It is unthinkable that the Supreme Court justices continue this policy of activism, harming Tel Aviv's residents and Israeli citizens day after day."

"The current situation is absurd. It is untenable. We have foreign-funded 'human rights organizations' working to support those who endanger Israel - in this case, illegal infiltrators. Im Tirtzu will continue to work with with Tel Aviv's residents in their battle for justice."

Israel is dealing with nearly 40,000 illegal African infiltrators, not counting children. There are 18,000 people, mostly from the Philippines, who work as assistants to the elderly or disabled, but stayed longer than the allowed time period and need to be returned to their homelands. Another 79,000 - mostly from Georgia and the Ukraine - arrived on tourist visas, overstayed illegally, and did not return to their homelands.

The children of the African illegal immigrants are flooding south Tel Aviv's kindergartens, where they are provided with state-of-the-art preschools, while the crime rates in those areas have skyrocketed and people, especially the elderly, are afraid to walk the streets in neighborhoods that were once safe.