Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu
Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu צילום: פלאש 90

Israeli Prime Minister BInyamin Netanyahu on Friday afternoon responded to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit's indictment of his wife, Sara Netanyahu.

Sara Netanyahu will be allowed to request a hearing and state her case to Mandelblit before the final verdict is decided.

Sara Netanyahu was indicted on Friday morning for fraudulent acquisition, fraud, and breach of public trust. She will be charged with using 360,000 shekels of government money for trays of prepared food. However, she will not be charged for hiring a caretaker for her elderly father, or for hiring a private electrician for the Netanyahus' private residence in Caesarea.

"The money expended on food was inordinately high during the period in which Manny Naftali served as housekeeper," Binyamin Netanyahu said in a statement. "These expenses dropped suddenly when he left."

"Why were the expenses so inflated during these years? Who ate this food, or took such large quantities - enough for a soccer team - of prepared food? Not the Netanyahu family. You need to understand, this is what the entire story against the Prime Minister's wife is based on.

"They told us about [suspicions regarding] the garden furniture and the waiters, [deposits on] bottles and the caretaker - but at the end the only thing left in his crazy and false story are the trays of prepared food, the vast majority of which were ordered by Manny Naftali. This will also be discovered during the hearing."