Seized weapons and incitement materials
Seized weapons and incitement materials IDF spokesperson

Soldiers from the 92nd Battalion of the Kfir Brigade were attempting carry out an arrest of an Arab suspect when they heard a gunshot from inside a house in an Arab village in Binyamin Wednesday night.

The soldiers reported the shooting to the Binyamin Brigade, and with the help of intelligence officials they identified the exact location of the house.

Captain Yuval Simtzis, the company's commander in the field, declared a combat procedure in order to "close" the house as quickly as possible.

Two Arabs were found in the house in possession of illegal weapons and incitement materials. The suspects were arrested.

Captain Simtzis said: "We entered the area and began operational deployments about two weeks ago, but because of our early preparation and study of the area, we managed to plan the entrance to the village in such a short time and find the weapons that were hidden in the freezer between the frozen meat."

"The presence of weapons in the area is one of our main challenges, and we will continue to fight this threat through all means at our disposal," he said.

"We will continue to act with all necessary means in order to allow the residents to enjoy a normal way of life with security, and we will continue to be vigilant in order to respond to a terrorist incident in the area in real time, as we did in this case," the company commander concluded.

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