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Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit will file an indictment against Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, on Friday, Channel 2 reported Thursday night.

The pending indictment against Mrs. Netanyahu is related to suspicions she misused public funds in a series of cases known collectively as the “Residences Scandal”.

According to the report, the AG notified the Netanyahu family of the pending indictment. Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu did not seek a plea bargain agreement from Attorney General Mandelblit.

Police questioned Mrs. Netanyahu in December of 2015, and in late May recommended she be charged with fraudulent acquisition, fraud, and breach of public trust.

Among the allegations made against Sara Netanyahu are claims that she transferred furniture purchased ostensibly for the Prime Minister’s Office and residence to the family’s private house.

In addition, Mrs. Netanyahu has been accused of paying former Likud Central Committee member and long-time Netanyahu associate Avi Fahima large sums from government coffers for work on the Caesarea residence.

Despite the initial recommendation in May that charges be filed against her, no indictment was made.

A month ago, Channel 2 reported that the Attorney General had accepted the police department’s recommendation to charge Mrs. Netanyahu in the Residences Scandal, and that an indictment would be forthcoming.

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