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Police arrested four rabbis from various cities today (Wednesday) on suspicion of fraudulently obtaining police "fitness certificates" testifying to a criminal-free past that would enable them to qualify for the post of "City Rabbi".

The four allegedly fraudulently obtained the certificate without having taken the rabbinic ordination exams. In addition they falsified scores of tests they never took, sent impostors to sit for the exam in their stead, and even appealed directly to the examiner to ease the test process and scoring for them.

Detectives of the Lahav 433 unit arrested the four suspects and searched their homes in order to seize documents that were allegedly linked to the offenses attributed to them.

The rabbis are suspected of fraud and breach of trust, receiving benefits fraudulently under aggravated circumstances, falsifying corporate documents, impersonating another person, and aggravated forgery.

Police emphasized that throughout the investigation they enjoyed the cooperation of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.The police also clarify that the suspicions are directed against the rabbis themselves, and not at the Chief Rabbinate or anyone operating on its behalf.