FireFlash 90

Megiddo Regional Council Head Itzik Holavsky recently requested Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) aid the Council in constructing firefighting stations, Israel's Channel 20 reported.

The additional firefighting stations were suggested by Israel's Fire and Rescue Services, after numerous incidences of arson terror occurred over the past few weeks.

On August 20, fires raged throughout the Regional Council lands, and firefighters discovered eight different fires, from Kibbutz Megiddo to Kibbutz Hazore'a.

According to Holavsky, "at some of the sites, we discovered piles of tires, waiting to be set on fire and burned."

One fire also "threatened Kibbutz Ein Hashofet; we managed to stop it just as it got to the edge of the kibbutz."

As a result, the Megiddo Council called on security agencies and firefighters to hold an emergency meeting. The firefighters suggested adding additional firefighting stations in various heavily forested areas.

This is not the first time Holavsky and Erdan are discussing arson terror. In November 2016, Arab terrorists carried out a string of arson attacks, destroying homes, causing widespread ecological damage and killing forest animals.