Kamal Hamid
Kamal HamidFlash 90

The Palestinian Authority appointed governor of the Hevron District, Kamal Hamid, disapproves of the Israeli government's decision to grant the Hevron Jewish community authority to administer their own municipal affairs.

Last Thursday, Central Command Chief Roni Numa signed an order regulating the municipal status of the Hevron Jewish community, the main result of which grants the Jewish residents the authority to manage community life independently.

In an interview with PA official radio, Hamid described the decision as "the most dangerous since 1967" and added that this move was a preparatory step towards imposing Israeli sovereignty and thwarting any political settlement in the region.

Hamid warned of the future ramifications of the decision, which could threaten the stability of "Palestine" in toto, and therefore requires urgent action on the political and legal battlefronts.

"The occupation authorities have been preparing this decision for many years by means of activity to isolate the residents [the Palestinians] in various ways so that the settlers will by power of arms be victorious in all the services," Hamid said.