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The City of Lod is cutting its ties with Israel Police and ordering an end to all cooperation with the force Friday, after police failed to protect the city’s mayor during a confrontation with violent Muslim worshippers in a local mosque.

Mayor Yair Revivo was injured early Friday morning in a predawn incident in a Lod mosque that had violated an agreement with the city – and Israeli law – by using loudspeakers in the middle of the night, disturbing residents.

Earlier this week, the city met with mosque officials, who pledged not to use loudspeakers during the Eid al-Adha “Sacrifice Feast” on Friday.

Despite the agreement, however, the imam of one Lod mosque broke his promise and turned on the loudspeakers at top volume during the predawn event.

Mayor Revivo went to the mosque to ensure that the loudspeakers were disconnected, as per the agreement with the imam, only to discover that no police officers were present at the mosque, despite the department’s assurances the site would be secured.

“Last night the police warned the imam of the mosque [not to use the loudspeakers before dawn], but he didn’t really seem concerned by it. I went to the mosque [early Friday morning] and was surprised to find that despite what had been agreed upon [between the city and the police], no officers were present.”

“I contacted the police and told them to come,” continued Revivo. Later, “the deputy chief of the local station came. A fight broke out [at the mosque], and I was attacked by a group of worshippers, and I suffered injuries to my hand and my cell phone was stolen. All of this happened in front of the police, who simply watched and did nothing. A total humiliation and an outrage.”

Following the incident, Mayor Revivo announced that he had ordered city officials to end all cooperation with police “until they get their act together and stop being afraid of Arab lawbreakers.”

Mayor Revivo
Mayor Revivo City of Lod