Immigration control activists praised Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for his visit Thursday to south Tel Aviv, an area with one of the largest illegal immigrant populations in Israel, but lamented that policy on border control and law enforcement against infiltrators illegally residing in Israel appears to have been taken over by the Supreme Court.

May Golan, the 31-year-old Tel Aviv native and former Otzma Yehudit Knesset candidate who heads the Hebrew City (as Tel Aviv was called in its early years, ed.) organization, told Arutz Sheva she appreciated the Prime Minister’s visit, but said the problems caused by infiltrators living in the area were kept out of sight during the visit.

"After we shook hands, I told him that I appreciate the fact that he came here and recognized the suffering of south Tel Aviv residents,” said Golan. “But I also told him that what he sees here in the neighborhood is not even a tiny bit of what the south Tel Aviv people have been suffering for terror of the last seven years."

While the Netanyahu government has pushed for the repatriation of Eritrean and Sudanese infiltrators illegally living in Israel to their home countries or other nations willing to accept them, on Monday the Supreme Court ruled against key elements of that policy, barring the state from deporting illegal immigrants against their will.

Golan slammed the court’s decision, claiming the court’s effective judicial supremacy had placed south Tel Aviv’s residents’ in danger.

"The whole area [is full of infiltrators] but you can't even see one Eritrean infiltrator f for two miles from the part [Netanyahu visited]. You can't see their illegal businesses. You can't see that we are being controlled by force by an occupation of illegals that has conquered everything around us. Conquered our identity, conquered our religion, conquered who we are as a Jewish nation. And I really hope that when he [Netanyahu] goes out of here, he will decide to stop the dictatorship that is being forced on us by the Supreme Court. Because what is going on today is that the policy of Benjamin Netanyahu is not being implemented at all because everything has to go by the criteria of [the Supreme Court], - and this can't continue."

"The numbers of women getting raped, people murdered, beaten up, robbed, are just too many to count for the last seven years. But the horrible thing is we are living under occupation. I'm not talking about the 'occupation' that the left is talking about; I'm talking about a real occupation - daily occupation in the middle of the country in the middle of Tel Aviv. And no one can really understand what is going on in southern Tel Aviv if he doesn't live here. No one can realize what it means to live here under duress - controlled by people who simply don't recognize our right to this country. This is what we' go through daily and hourly, every day."

Despite her activism against illegal immigrants, Golan expressed support for genuine refugees seeking asylum, saying that Israel should allow people fleeing mortal danger to reside temporarily in the Jewish state. Eritrean and Sudanese infiltrators, however, who claim to be refugees are in fact simply “economic immigrants” and have been proven to be in no danger, Golan said, adding that left-wing organizations had adopted their cause simply to further their own political agenda.

"Human rights, first of all, should belong to Jewish people of this nation. We are the people who suffered for 2,000 years to get this country, we are the people who suffered the Holocaust, and we are the people who have suffered from real abuse and torment for the last seven years."

"I want to be very clear about it: We are a humane country, we are a democratic country. And we want people who are real refugees to be granted asylum in Israel. But these people are not refugees and that's a fact... Eritreans are not refugees. They are being used... by the left organizations and NGOs."

"These people who claim to be refugees are basically economic immigrants, here only to better their economic status."

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