Naor statue reminiscent of Soviet sculpture
Naor statue reminiscent of Soviet sculptureFlash 90

The group responsible for placing a statue of Supreme Court Chief Justice Miriam Naor in front of the Supreme Court is the Derech Chaim movement, chaired by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, which works to realize the vision of a specifically Jewish state, and has been running a campaign under the slogan "Enough of the Supreme Court Dictatorship."

Who smashed the idols?
Who smashed the idols?Flash 90

A large contingent of policemen arrived at the scene and took the name and phone number of a cameraman photographing the statue who was then summoned for questioning.Police later reported that there was no suspicion of criminal activity.

The statue was erected with the help of May Golan, Chairwoman of the Hebrew City Association for the residents of the south Tel Aviv neighborhoods.

"The Supreme Court and its 'enlightened' president are cut off from the people.Although the State of Israel is ostensibly a democratic state, today the government is in the hands of the Supreme Court, with no one asking the public's opinion on issues.The Supreme Court intervenes time after time in the decisions of elected officials: This week the Infiltrators Law, next time it will be the Regulation Law and other laws," said the Derech Chaim movement this morning.

"As in any dictatorship, we thought that in Israel, too, it is fitting that a statue of the ruler should stand in the city square.

"It is time for public officials to wake up: We call upon the Prime Minister, ministers, and Knesset members, who this week expressed their opposition to the disqualification of the law, instead of promulgating promises and local solutions to problems arising from the rule of the Supreme Court, to strive once and for all for a holistic procedure to balance relations between the Supreme Court and the Knesset."

Harbinger of things to come?
Harbinger of things to come?Flash 90

In recent months the legal branch of Derech Chaim has been promoting the "Governance Law" which was submitted with the signatures of 16 Knesset cosponsors.

The bill states that it "is intended to make it unequivocally clear in the Basic Law on Judiciary that it is not within the jurisdiction of the court to declare a law void.In the absence of a comprehensive constitution, legislative power is vested in the Knesset as the public representative, whereas the role of the court is limited to interpreting and enforcing the laws on concrete disputes brought before it.

May Golan confronts illegal immigrants in south Tel Aviv
May Golan confronts illegal immigrants in south Tel AvivFlash90

"The last time I checked, the State of Israel is a democratic state. The problem is that in practice we live under the tyranny of the Supreme Court justices, first and foremost the one who performed a great miscarriage of justice - Chief Justice Miriam Naor," said May Golan. "Therefore we, the Hebrew City Association, together with Derech Chaim decided it fitting to place the golden statue of the person who decided that she and only she will run this country in practice - Chief Supreme Court Justice Miriam Naor.It is time to free us from the rule of the Supreme Court of Justice, which imposes an extreme-left agenda upon an entire nation.

"The time has come to remove the infiltrators from our midst and not allow the golden idol to continue to rule over us ... The time has come for elected officials chosen by the people and not by the seniority method [for choosing the Chief Justice] to lead the citizens of Israel, to implement genuine leadership and sovereignty and for us not to need to plan the slightest action taking into account the criteria of whether it will or will not pass the test of Naor's Court and its members," she said.

"הפסל מבטא את עריצות מערכת המשפט"