It is not only people who have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Animals have also had a hard time. Texas has some of the United State's biggest livestock population, and many have have been abandoned by their owners fleeing the storm's wrath.

Enter Chance Ward.

The Cleveland, Texas native and his son have been traveling around Texas and freeing trapped horses and livestock. Videos of Ward riding to the rescue have gone viral, turning Ward and his son into a local hero.

"We try to help people," Ward says in one of the videos, as he leads a frightened horse out of a flooded paddock. "This is what we do. We're cowboys. We help others."

A caption under the video says 'all animals were saved'. The clip has gotten 10 million views and has been shared over 200,000 times.

Another video showed Ward leading a line of cattle across a flooded river. "I can tell you right now, there won't be a dollar paid for any of this," Ward tells the camera. "This is just everyday folks coming to lend a hand."