US Special Envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt toured Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat Tuesday.

Greenblatt met with administrators, health care professionals and Syrian patients who are treated at the hospital as part of Operation Good Neighbor.

Dr. Salman Zarka, the Director General of Ziv Medical Center, told Greenblatt about the hospital's treatment of Syrians injured in their country's civil war.

"We are providing medical support to the Syrian people," Dr. Zarka explained. "It's really a very unique humanitarian aid to what -maybe still - used to be our sworn enemy. The Syrian people are coming to the border. The military forces, the medical corps of the IDF provide medical support at the border and then evacuate the wounded to Ziv hospital."

"We have been doing so for more than four years. We have treated already more than 3,000 Syrian people," he added.

Greenblatt was extremely impressed with the hospital's quality of care and commitment to providing excellent health care to both the local population and the wounded Syrians who find themselves in a new nation.

"These are the stories of Israel the world needs to hear and stories like this show how peace in the region can be possible," Greenblatt said.