Frankfurt Mayor Uwe Becker has been on the forefront of an an effort to pass a bill that would ban municipal and city-owned funding or renting rooms for BDS individuals, activities, or groups, and requested private landlords do the same.

The bill has already passed the City Council, and is expected to pass Frankfurt's Parliament and become law. Becker says that the bill already has the necessary support.

"I think that many people do not understand that BDS is a deeply anti-Semitic movement that in its core a way to deeply delegitimize Israel," Becker told i24News. "There is no room in Frankfurt for any kind of anti-Semitism."

Becker said the BDS uses tactics that bring back shades of the Nazis. "They use the same language that the Nazis used in the darkest chapter of German History," he said. "They said then not to buy from Jews, and today they say not to buy from Israel."

The German city of Munich is also advancing its own anti-BDS law. According to the proposed bill, "the municipality will not provide city premises for BDS campaigns, events, exhibits or demonstrations that pursue the goals of BDS.”