Eli Yishai
Eli YishaiFlash 90

The Supreme Court ruling forbidding the deportation of illegal infiltrators against their will gives, de facto, a visa to every infiltrator into the State of Israel.

This scandal is registered in the name of the Israeli government, but the war which I carried out against asylum-seekers when I was Minister of the Interior must continue.

The public expects the Prime Minister to advance legislation that will prevent disgrace and harm to the citizens of Israel.

In the years of rage in Europe, many synagogues were destroyed, desecrated and burned. Others became churches or various public buildings. In recent years, many of the synagogues have returned to Jewish hands thanks to the actions of Chabad emissaries, the Jewish Agency, diplomats and good Jews who care. Some of the synagogues have become museums and others have again become places of worship as they originally were.

This is the tendency around the world and among European governments - to return the synagogues to their original use. Not only this, but they sometimes invest money to preserve and take care of the holy sites.

In sharp contrast to Tel Aviv…

There, the holy sites have turned into supermarkets for infiltrators. The “Keter David” synagogue closed its gates to Jewish worshipers, and now you can obtain a large selection of items there, products preferred by the Sudanese and Eritreans.

Cry, be ashamed, be enraged. Where is the government? Where is the Interior Minister? Where is the Mayor?

I fought fiercely against the infiltrators, and now, under the auspices of the State of Israel, in the Holy of Holies - a small Temple - foxes tread on it [citing a Talmudic description of the desolation on the Temple Mount following the Temple’s destruction].

Whoever has the strength to shout - let him shout.

Whoever has the strength to protest - let him protest.

Whoever has the strength to struggle - let him struggle.

In light of the desecration of the house of God, we cannot be silent. In light of the harm to the citizens of Israel, I will not be silent.