Far-left 'Antifa' activists descended onto a park in Berkeley, California Sunday, attacking Trump supporters and screaming "fascists go home”.

A father and son were set upon by the mob, who beat them with flagpoles and heavy objects until they managed to escape.

A rally titled 'No to Marxism' had been scheduled to take place, but was canceled due to fears of violence. A few Trump supporters did show up, however, and were attacked by throngs of masked and black-clad Antifa marchers, who fired pepper spray at them, and hit them with heavy shields.

Police arrested ten for a variety of offenses, including assault and violating a prohibition on wearing masks.

Antifa, short for 'anti-fascist', is a group of loosely affiliated anarchists and extreme leftists who contend that they are waging violent warfare against right wing extremists, but promote violence against others as well. Antifa has in the past rioted against conservative speakers on college campuses, and fought against policemen at Black Lives Matter protests.

A recent petition demanding that the White House recognize Antifa as a terror group received more than 300,000 signatures.