Haredi activists demonstrated outside the home of an electronic store owner in upstate New York on Saturday. According to Yeshiva World News, the haredi Jews are angry that the owner of the Verizon Ping Cellular Store sells smartphones to religious Jews.

Signs posted in the haredi hamlet of Monsey exhorted everyone to "go out and demonstrate for the sake of Shabbat. These devices cause many boys to desecrate Shabbat after they left religion due to the smartphones that this man sells."

A large crown of hasidic Jews gathered outside the owners house, screaming 'Shabbos', while a handful of counter protesters yelled back. Police at the scene kept the protest from getting out of hand, as curious onlookers watched.

This protest was the second of its kind. The activists had previously protested outside the store itself in early August.

Haredi Jews generally shun smartphones, fearing that unfettered internet use causes spiritual danger, and can lead one to abandon religion.

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