Firebomb attack
Firebomb attack iStock

IDF soldiers from the Ephraim Brigade on Wednesday arrested four wanted terrorists who formed part of a firebombing terror cell in Samaria.

Several times, these Arabs threw firebombs on Israeli cars driving on Highway 5. The IDF therefore searched for a way to bring about the terrorists' arrest.

On Wednesday night, soldiers from the 94th Duchifat Battalion arrested the wanted terrorists, who live in the Arab village of Kifal Kharath in Samaria.

The interrogation, which was completed on Thursday, confirmed the suspects' connection to the firebombing ring.

Ephraim Brigade Commander Idan Katz noted that "throwing firebombs is a terror attack like any other."

"We cannot allow terror to reach the roads and residents. Our job is to invest all our efforts into ensuring the [residents'] continued safety, and to fight terror with all our might."

"The IDF will continue to fight terror and anyone who wishes to disturb the peace and stability in the area," he said.

Earlier in August, three Arab terrorists firebombed a security vehicle. No one was hurt, but the vehicle was completely destroyed. The Arabs were arrested and indicted.

In other terror attacks, firebombs have killed and wounded innocent Israelis, including children.