US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump Reuters

In a survey done by Quinnipiac University, most Americans said they believe US President Donald Trump is dividing America.

Out of the survey's 1,514 respondents, 31% believe Trump is doing more to unite the country, while 62% say he is doing more to divide it.

An open-ended question asking for the first word which comes to mind upon hearing the name "Donald Trump," saw 64 voters say "strong," 59 say "idiot," and 58 say "incompetent." Another 50 voters said Trump is a "liar," and 49 said he is "president."

Regarding whether they are happy with Trump's performance as president, 35% said "yes" while 59% said "no." A previous poll on August 17 showed Trump's approval rating to be 39%.

Those most likely to support Trump were other Republicans, 77% of whom supported his policies and 14% of whom opposed them. Of white voters without an academic education, 52% support Trump while 40% oppose him. 50% of white men support Trump's policies, while 46% oppose them.

Trump's response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, received an approval rating of 32%, with 60% saying it was "inappropriate." 59% of respondents said Trump's "decisions and behavior encourage the alt-right" and just 3% said his "decisions and behavior oppose the alt-right."

66% of respondents said that the "level of hate in the US" rose since Trump took office, while 20% said it dropped.

Immediately after the Charlottesville riots, Trump said "both sides" were to blame for the violence. Though he was roundly condemned for equating Black Lives Matter to the anti-Semitic KKK and neo-Nazis, BLM in fact is also anti-Semitc, supports Hamas and has equated Zionism with white supremacism and Antifa promotes and encourages violence.

Earlier this week, a petition with over 100,000 signatures requested Antifa be declared a terror group.