Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro issued a special statement on the treatment of Muslim terrorists this week, during a meeting with the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella.

"Venice is the only city in Europe that has arrested four terrorists," Brugnaro told his colleague."They wanted to plant a bomb on the Rialto Bridge, claiming they wanted to go to Allah. We would send them directly to Allah, without needing to bomb the bridge to do so," according to the local news website Il Gazetino.

As Brugnaro left the meeting to head out of the building, Nardella chased him and shouted, "Allahu Akbar."The two shared a laugh.

According to Nardella, the imam of Florence was also present at the meeting which dealt with the problem of Muslim immigrants and the terrorism they bring with them.

Last year, the mayor of Verona decided to ban restaurants serving kebab and shawarma.These restaurants, opened by Muslim immigrants, degrade, he said, the dignity of Italian food.

The mayor, Palacio Tussi, once headed the rightist Northern League party, which opposed admission of minorities to Italy."This law will protect not only the architecture and special history of the city center, but also the culture of the city of Verona," he noted.

At the same time, Brugnaro criticized Muslim immigrants and "the cheap and fake souvenirs they sell," as he puts it.He said that the Venice municipality intends to limit the sale of souvenirs in the city and opening shops and businesses operated by minorities - especially Muslims.

"Some of the ridiculous souvenirs that these people sell, that we do not even know where they are made, have nothing to do with the city of Venice and its culture and history," said Brugnaro.