Policewoman helps troubled young woman
Policewoman helps troubled young woman Israel Police spokesperson

"I'm a four-year-old boy and I don't know where I am," a young woman told the police hotline.

Immediately upon receiving the phone call, officers understood that the event was unusual and that the young woman’s life could be in danger. Officers were immediately dispatched to find the source of the phone call.

After they understood that the call had come from near Jerusalem's Menachem Begin highway, a police unit called the young woman and asked her to direct them to her location. However, the young woman did not manage to explain her exact location, so the officers told her to alert them immediately when she saw their vehicle's flashing blue light.

Within minutes, the young woman told officers she had seen their lights. The police officers then got out of the car and continued their search on foot, finding her some distance from the road in a tangle of bushes.

Officers say the woman was dehydrated and confused when they finally located her.

A policewoman comforted the young woman and gained her trust, as other officers attempted to identify her.

Using the young woman’s cell phone, officers contacted a volunteer assistant who had been aiding the woman. The volunteer identified the woman, and provided police with the number and address of the Jerusalem-area institution where the woman lives.

A counselor was later dispatched to bring the woman home.

According to the counselor, the young woman had left the institution a few hours ago, and apparently came to Jerusalem and walked for several hours until she called police to ask for assistance. The counselor thanked Israel Police for finding the young woman.

"Jerusalem's municipal police unit was created at the beginning of the year and includes 100 police officers and municipal supervisors, who work together by foot, in squad cars, or by motorbikes, improving residents' quality of life," an Israel Police spokesperson said. "The unit's characteristic professionalism have put our unit in the center of action, raising the life quality of the city's residents and saving lives, as they saved this young woman's life today."