Yehuda Glick
Yehuda Glick Flash 90

MK Yehuda Glick (Likud) blasted news of a one-day removal of the ban on MKs ascending the Temple Mount, to take place next Tuesday.

According to Channel 2 News, the Israel police are allowing members of the Israeli legislature to visit ascend the mount as a pilot program to see if the security situation would allow the visits to resume for good. The initial proposal was for the ban to be lifted for a full week. However, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordered the plan plan be reduced to one day.

The ban on all MKs, Jewish and Arab, against ascending the Temple Mount has been in place since November 2015.

A few weeks ago, the Jerusalem district police chief, Yoram Halevi, recommended that the police commissioner attempt to renew the visits of the MKs to the holy site.

Channel 2 reported that MK Yehuda Glick, who is active in promoting Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, was critical of the one-day lift of the ban, seeing it as a political game in which MKs are the pawns.

“The Prime Minister needs to tell the Supreme Court by September 15 why he doesn’t allow MKs to ascend the Temple Mount,” Glick said. “”He’s trying to come to the Supreme Court with clean hands, to say ‘I tried, and it didn’t work.’”

“I told the Prime Minister’s Office that I have no intention of being the Prime Minister's guinea pig.”

“To bring up Arab and Jewish MKs on one day will turn the world center of peace into the center of political confrontations,” Glick explained. “I don’t want to ascend the Temple Mount as a politician within the framework of advancing an agenda and participating in extraneous confrontations. I want to ascend the Temple Mount as a man like any other and commune with the Creator of the Universe, who chose to rest his presence there.”

“When the Prime Minister decides to treat MKs like human beings and not like lepers, I will happily ascend the Temple Mount,” Glick concluded.

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