Or Veisman of Rishon Letzion in central Israel described the tense moments he and his family experienced yesterday, when the battery of his electric bicycle exploded in the family’s living room.

Speaking with Channel 10, Or said that he had gone to sleep after returning on his electric bicycle early in the morning, leaving the bicycle’s battery to charge. His mother then came and told him that “something is dripping from the battery.”

“I saw that it was dripping a yellow that was eating away the color of the metal, and a whiff of smoke was coming up. I started to get nervous,” he described.

“My father decided in a split-second that everyone needs to go into a room [away from the bicycle]. I told him that I would take the battery outside, so that if it exploded, at least it would happen outside.

“He just grabbed me, and the battery exploded.”

Or doesn’t take the fact that nobody was injured for granted. “Another second, and I don’t know what could have happened: irreversible damage, something dangerous.”

Yesterday, Yediot Ahronot reported that firefighters had extricated 8 from the scene of a burning apartment in Rishon Letzion, apparently due to the explosion of an electric bicycle battery. Damage was caused to the apartment and its contents.