Herzl Hajaj in Supreme Court
Herzl Hajaj in Supreme CourtFlash 90

Herzl and Meirav Hajaj, the parents of second lieutenant Shir Hajaj, who was killed in an Islamic murder attack in Armon Hanatziv in Jerusalem, submitted a preliminary request to the appeals court to petition the state to revoke the citizenship of murderer Fadi al-Kanaber, who killed their daughter together with three other officers, before the next hearing in the High Court of Justice.

To this day, bereaved families have not been able to participate in the legal proceedings against the murderers of their loved ones.

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However, terrorists and their families have been represented in proceedings against them by left-wing organizations such as HaMoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual, the Israel Civil Rights Association, Adalah, and others.This unprecedented petition seeks to change the reality many consider absurd.

In the request filed by the petitioners' attorney, Ben-Zion Adoram, it was written that "revoking the residence permit can constitute a future deterrent against terrorists which can potentially cause them to consider whether to put their thoughts into practice, and therefore a decision to approve the revocation of residency permits is likely to prevent the next terrorist incident and generally reduce the number of terror attacks - which will undoubtedly contribute to the welfare of all those living in this country, with no exceptions between them of any kind."

At the request of the Hajaj family, the Im Tirtzu movement, which has been accompanying the family since the disaster, wants to apply the principle of equality, since if those leftist organizations that are not directly related to the perpetrators and their families may present their arguments in court then certainly the same rights should be granted to bereaved families and the organizations that help them.

Shir's parents said at the time of the request that "there is an industry in the State of Israel where Jews are murdered, various organizations that represent these terrorists receive significant sums of money and defend those scum, and we, who have lost all that is dear to us, can not raise our cry in the High Court of Justice."

"This request is a call to the entire judicial system in Israel - awaken from your slumber. We will not be silent and will not rest until all the bereaved families are able to voice their cry," said the parents of Shir Hajaj.

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