Anti-Netanyahu campaign
Anti-Netanyahu campaign Flash 90

The Lavi citizen's rights and good governance organization strongly criticized the leftist movement Darkenu claiming that it stands at the forefront of the drive to portray Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as a criminal who harms Israel's security.

In a video published by the Lavi organization, it was claimed that the founder of the Darkenu movement, Muhammad Darawshe, is the one who harms Israel's security and that Darkenu violated the law.

Lavi points out that in the elections period for the last Knesset an organization called "V15" was active in Israel, with the aim of bringing about the government's replacement.

According to Lavi, after the elections, "Heletz-Kol-1" founded the Darkenu movement, merging the organization into "V15." The new brand, Darkenu, is active in the political field at the forefront of the crusade to portray Netanyahu as a criminal endangering Israel's security.

In the video, it is revealed that one of Heletz-Kol-1's founders was Muhammad Darawshe, who in the midst of Operation Protective Edge called for the right and obligation of the Palestinians to continue fighting, applauding them sacrificing their lives in their war.The organization has an active branch in Gaza City.

In addition, the film presents a document recently sent to the Lavi organization by the Corporations Authority, which determines that Heletz-Kol-1's use of the "Darkenu" brand violated the law and was contrary to the Registrar's rules.

Adv. Avichai Boaron, representing Lavi, said: "The Corporations Authority has determined unequivocally that Darkenu and its known name V15 violated the law.The entire goal of the V15 organization and the Darkenu movement was and still is to topple incumbent Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu by means of non-democratic means and by financing by foreign elements.

"The right of the citizens of Israel to know that the Darkenu movement was founded by Muhammad Darawshe, which in the midst of Operation Protective Edge called on the Palestinians to fight for the fulfillment of their dream," Bouaron added.The Lavi organization calls on the enforcement authorities to bring the Darkenu movement to justice for the ongoing legal violations.

Darkenu responded to Arutz Sheva's inquiry: "The recycled story is the result of the extreme right-wing organization Lavi's initiative, whose seat is the settlement of Bat Ayin, and whose organization heads spent months in administrative detention. We are a law-abiding movement that maintains close and meticulous contact with the Registrar and has nothing to do with Muhammad Darawshe.

"It should be clarified that we are dealing with a mere error, which continued for a short period of time, and stemmed from the fact that various elements in the company believed, in good faith, that there was no defect in stating the company's previous name together with the name submitted for the Registrar's approval."

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