Rabbi Goren at the Wall
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In the first episode of the second season of "Leading the Camp" (Channel 20), the story of Rabbi Shlomo Goren, Chief Rabbi of Israel and IDF Chief Rabbi during the Six-Day War is presented.

Dr. Shifra Michelov, researcher of Rav Goren's life, relates how the rabbi chose to join the fighting forces in the Six-Day War. "Rabbi Goren arrived in Gaza.As usual, he joined the fighting forces, as he did in all previous wars.His jeep was bombed, Rabbi Goren was wounded in the head and he somehow managed to crawl back to our forces and there heard that Jordan joined the war and that the battles in Jerusalem had begun."

"And then he says,'Motta [Gur], wait for me!' He rushes to Jerusalem, meets Motta Gur and, to his disappointment, hears from him that it is not altogether clear that they are entering.'Can we squander this historic moment?', he cries.

"I told him, 'Why are not you advancing toward the Old City?' Then he says, 'There is an order from the government not to occupy the Old City,' I told him, 'You have been given the opportunity to liberate Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and you sit and do nothing?' He said, 'There are orders, there's nothing I can do; I'm a soldier,' and I told him, 'It's my responsibility, come with me together, we will enter the Old City, and if they arrest you, I will go to prison with you. It's worth being arrested and even killed for the sake of Jerusalem!'"

Ultimately the government made the decision to enter the Old City and Rabbi Goren, as usual, joined the forces.At 10:20 on June 7, the forces passed through the Lions' Gate.Rabbi Goren, in uniform, ran under fire and reached the Western Wall.Minutes after the liberation of the Western Wall, the rabbi said, quoting Psalms:: "We stand at your gates, O Jerusalem, and this is the city that embodies all beauty, the joy of all the land, the capital of the eternal State of Israel."

From there, Rabbi Goren continued to the Tomb of Rachel and to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron.His son, Rami Goren, says that in Hevron there were white flags, with the exception of one flag: "It's a Jordanian flag that was raised at the entrance to Hevron, you can see bullets here."

"Leading the Camp" is a documentary series dealing with every chapter in the life of the pioneering rabbi.The series, combined with rare archival footage and interviews with associates, provides a rare glimpse into their personal lives as well as behind the scenes looks at their public activities.

The first episode, which will be broadcast tonight (Monday) at 20:30, will focus on the life of Rabbi Shlomo Goren.Later in the season, the series will deal with the lives of Rabbi Kapah, Rabbi Getz, the Baba Sali and Rabbi Auerbach.

הרב גורן: "כדאי להיעצר ולמות על שחרור ירושלים"