Peter Madsen's submarine
Peter Madsen's submarineYoutube

A submarine inventor at the center of a media storm has admitted to burying a missing journalist at sea, putting an end to a mystery that has baffled police ever since the journalist boarded the craft and subsequently vanished without a trace.

Wall, 30, had boarded the submarine of Danish inventor and rocket scientist Peter Madsen on August 11 of this year as part of a story she was writing about the vessel. Danish authorities launched a manhunt after the craft did not return a day later. Divers eventually located the sunken vessel 30 kilometers out of Copenhagen's Koge Bay, but did not find either Madsen or Wall.

Police eventually located Madsen after a long search, who told them that he had let Wall off on a nearby island, well before the submarine sank. Authorities were skeptical of his story, especially after forensic analysis of the sunken submarine showed that it was deliberately sabotaged.

The investigations confirm that the sinking of the submarine was ostensibly a consequence of a deliberate act," Copenhagen police had in a statement.

Madsen changed his story Monday, telling police that he buried Wall at sea after she died on board as a result of an accident. The inventor faces a charge of first degree manslaughter.