Las Ramblas, Barcelona
Las Ramblas, BarcelonaiStock

The Naveh family from Tel Aviv, already a victim of terror, was at the scene of the Barcelona terror attack on Thursday.

Ilana Naveh, 39, died during the June 2016 Arab terror attack at Tel Aviv's Sarona Market. Three other people were killed in the terror attack, and six people were wounded. After the attack, Naveh's husband was determined to ensure she is considered a terror victim, despite having died of a heart attack and not direct gunfire.

On Thursday, Alon Naveh and his four daughters were vacationing in Barcelona when they realized they were witnessing a second terror attack.

A short while after Alon and his daughters emerged from their hiding place, he told Israel Hayom reporters, "Everything is fine. My four girls and I emerged from the slaughterhouse after we were sure that the attack was behind us. We took a taxi and went back to our hotel."

According to Alon, this is the family's first vacation since they lost Ilana.

"I'm with the girls, and we're going to continue our trip, but yes, it ruined our family vacation," Alon said. "We were really close to the scene of the attack. We were having a lot of fun, the girls were really happy, until suddenly we heard a loud bang. People started running in all directions, pushing each other over. I knew right away that there had been a terror attack."

"I took the girls and we ran as fast as we could to the closest place that looked safe. It was a slaughterhouse. We hid there with other people who had run from the attack, until everything was over and we could all come out. From there, we took a taxi back to our hotel.

"It was a nightmare. This terror attack brought me back to that night at Sarona," Alon said, noting his daughters' agitation. "The trauma is huge, that's clear. I'm trying to minimize the effect on my girls, so they'll be able to enjoy themselves, but to me it felt like Sarona 2."