The destroyed security vehicle
The destroyed security vehicleIsrael Police spokesperson

On Thursday, an indictment will be filed against an Israeli-Arab terrorist who carried out a terror attack two weeks ago.

The Arab suspect, together with two other suspects, was arrested in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan on Sunday night after attacking a private security vehicle with a petrol bomb two weeks ago.

Investigations show the suspect in fact carried out the acts he was suspected of, and planned them ahead of time. The terrorist and his partners noticed a security vehicle driving near a central traffic circle, and slowed down. At that point, one of the terrorists poured flammable material on the vehicle's hood and windshield, and then threw a firebomb at it.

The firebomb hit the vehicle, which burst into flames a few seconds later, forcing the security guards to exit the vehicle.

No injuries were reported in the attack, but the vehicle was completely destroyed.

All three of the suspects have been placed under arrest without bail until the proceedings against them are completed. Two of the suspects are brothers.

On Wednesday night, three additional Arab suspects were arrested in Silwan for involvement in violence, rioting, and disruption of order. The new suspects were brought for interrogation and their arrest is expected to be extended.

Watch the Hebrew video of the arrest:

פוענחה הצתת רכב אבטחה בסילוואן