Train station
Train station Meir Sela

A Rehovot train station closed for two hours on Wednesday morning after a tourist arriving with his suitcase aroused security guards' suspicion.

A large police force was called to the area.

Police sappers who inspected the suitcase and confirmed that it did not contain explosives. However, Israel Police have placed a gag order on the incident's details.

"A bag belonging to a tourist was inspected after security guards became concerned that it contained explosives. The area in question was closed off and police sappers inspected the luggage, confirming it did not contain explosives."

As a result of the train station's closure, passengers traveling from Tel Aviv to Ashkelon were instructed to use the train's western line. Israel Railways ordered a bus for passengers traveling to Ashdod, Rehovot, Lod, and Gan Yavneh.

The trains have not yet returned to normal functioning.