US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman’s daughter made Aliyah to Israel on Tuesday, along with 232 other immigrants from North America brought on a special flight chartered by Nefesh B’Nefesh.

Ambassador Friedman met his daughter, Talia Friedman, on the tarmac to welcome her to her new home.

“We’re so proud of our daughter Talia,” Friedman told Arutz Sheva. “She’s always wanted to live in Israel and she’s realizing her dream and the whole family is just very proud of her. We’re here to just greet her and to give her a hug and to wish her hatzlacha rabba [success] here in Israel. We’re very excited.”

“We’re so proud of her, we love her so much, we just want her to be happy and this is something she always wanted to do. She loves Israel, we all love Israel, our whole family loves Israel, and this is her dream.”

Talia, a nurse, was the only one of Friedman’s five children who joined him on May 15th when he flew to Israel and was formally received as the US Ambassador to Israel.

When asked what his daughter’s plans were, Friedman said she would likely continue to work as a nurse, but was unsure of where she would live.

“She’s going to live wherever she wants, that’s up to her. She’ll make her decision, she’s a big girl, she’ll decide for herself.”

“She’s a nurse. She was trained as a nurse, she worked in a hospital in New York and she’ll probably do the same thing here. Hopefully she’ll bring refua [healing] to people here in Israel.”

Ambassador Friedman praised the Nefesh B’Nefesh mass-Aliyah charter flight, saying American immigrants to Israel helped to strengthen the connection between the two countries.

“What’s amazing is that you have so many Americans coming to Israel and they’re going to remain American but they’re going to become Israeli so you have this whole group of Israeli-Americans and I think they add a lot to both countries. And it’s very encouraging to see the connection strengthened between Israel and America.”