The family car
The family carHonenu

A family from Jerusalem making its way to the Jordan Valley this morning (Monday) was halted by Arabs who had set up a roadblock, and who then tried to attack the family.

The family reported the incident to the police, who managed to arrest three suspects shortly afterwards.

The incident took place on the northbound Jordan Valley road.Uzi and his family, residents of Jerusalem, were headed for a family vacation in the north, when at one point a vehicle with a Palestinian Authority license plate overtook them.

The vehicle then blocked both lanes, prevent the family from continuing their journey.

The father, Uzi, did not lose his cool and managed to escape the trap.However, his vehicle was damaged and some of the occupants were lightly injured.

While the family was trying to extricate themselves from the situation, the three Arabs exited the vehicle, one holding an unidentified object, and tried to attack the vehicle and its occupants.It was only thanks to Uzi's calm and resourcefulness that disaster was prevented.

As soon as they escaped, the family called the police and reported the incident.The family continued on their way to Beit She'an, where they filed a formal complaint at the police station.

An IDF force operating in the area of the incident received a detailed description of the attackers and within a short time the force managed to catch the suspects.

The Arabs were arrested and transferred to the police station in Ariel.Upon hearing of their capture, Uzi asked the Honenu legal aid organization to help ensure the police were handling the case and that the detainees were related to with due seriousness.

"The Israel Police must deal with the incident with the full power of the law, and state that the Israeli police and the State of Israel are sovereign on Route 90, and not gangs of Arab thugs," says attorney Menashe Yado, who advises the family. "The Honenu organization sent a lawyer to the station, to speed up enforcement activities and represent to the police the severity of the incident and its significance. We hope that the matter will be handled properly."

Uzi, the father of the family, said, "There was an attempt to hurt us, we saw it in their eyes, a car does not just stop and stand blocking two lanes ... At first I thought he was trying to make a u-turn but he stopped completely. They jumped from the car in a very planned and rapid way, their intentions were absolutely clear."

In conclusion, Uzi added, "Thank G-d, 'the trap was broken and we fled' [a verse from Psalms], but it could happen to other families on this road."