Yitzchak Rabin
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The former IDF Chief of Staff and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's personal binoculars are up for sale, and will be auctioned off at Jerusalem of Gold auction house. The starting bid is $5000.

According to Israel Hayom, the German-made Carl Zeiss binoculars are still in its original brown leather case. In the lining of the box is written "Y. RABIN Brig-Gen", suggesting that the glasses also accompanied Rabin as an officer with the rank of brigadier general. On the strip of binoculars itself is written "Y. RABIN".

Yehuda Galil, a researcher at the Jerusalem Of Gold Auction house, told the newspaper that "the binoculars were given as a souvenir to a close family friend in the 1980's.When Rabin headed the Northern Command, he would always to wear the binoculars on his neck as a reminder of his glorious military past."

"The binoculars give us a glimpse of the military aspect of Rabin - not only as a statesman but as a great commander who brought the IDF to its most impressive achievement in the Six-Day War," adds Galil.

While Rabin is remembered for his role as Israel's Prime Minister, he also had a decorated military background. He served as the IDF Chief of Staff during the Six Day War in 1967, and headed the Harel Brigade during Israel's War of Independence, seeing some of the wars bloodiest battles in the effort to wrest control of the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv road from Jordanian control.