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London (illustration)Flash 90

The Jewish community in London is in shock following the double-murder Friday night of a Jewish woman and her daughter in their home.

Leah Cohen, 66, and Hannah Cohen, 33, were found dead in their home in the Golders Green neighborhood of London, an enclave of Orthodox Jews, after the two suffered multiple stab wounds.

London Metropolitan Police believe the murders were carried out by the son and brother of the two victims, naming 27-year-old Joshua Cohen as the prime suspect.

Authorities have arrested Cohen, who is reportedly suffering from severe mental illness.

Police say Cohen suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, and had shaved his head and eyebrows prior to his arrest, The Independent reported. Investigators found multiple knives and drug paraphernalia during searches of Cohen’s room.

The Cohen family is well-known within the London Jewish community as the owners of the 24-Hour Beigel Bake shop in East London.

"Leah Cohen," said her daughter-in-law Deborah Cohen, “was absolutely selfless and did everything for everyone else. She was the greatest cook. We went over there every Sunday to eat together as a family and she made the most amazing food.”