Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah
Hezbollah chief Hassan NasrallahFlash 90

The Hezbollah terror group said Sunday that Israel remotely detonated a spy device the militia uncovered before they had a chance to examine it.

"The Israeli enemy blew up the device when they realized there was a chance it would get discovered" said the militia said in a statement to the groups Al-Manar television channel.

Hezbollah had earlier announced the discovery of a concealed Israeli device in Lebanon's Beqaa valley.

Israel considers Hezbollah a formidable enemy, and keeps a steady tab on the groups activities.

In 2015, the terror group revealed that Israel had exploded two espionage devices hidden in the Lebanses town of Marjayoun after construction workers stumbled upon them.

In 2014, UNIFIL forces on the Israeli-Lebanon border found an Israeli device buried under an olive tree. The IDF dismantled it after a tense standoff between the two countries.