BABY app
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A new Israeli app aims to minimize the growing phenomenon of children being forgotten in hot vehicles by their parents, an occurrence that often ends in tragedy.

The BABY application, which is developed by the Kaftor home safety company, uses a weight-based sensor installed in a child's booster seat to determine whether a child has been left behind in a car by their parents.

The system is activated by identifying a child sitting on its car seat. If the baby is not removed 2 minutes after the vehicle is shut off, a warning is sent to the emergency call center and an SMS message will be sent to the driver's phone accompanied by an alert message. The emergency center will try to contact the parent and another emergency number.

In the event that the parent is not identified, rescue forces will be dispatched to the vehicle's location in the shortest time possible to save the child.

There has been an increase in the number of child deaths from being left in vehicles without supervision in recent years. According to the National Transportation Council, seven children died in the summer of 2016 after being forgotten in cars for extended periods, compared with two deaths during the summer of 2015.

While a regulation requiring the installation of a warning system to prevent children from being left in school buses has been put into affect since last summer, the Transportation Ministry has yet to pass similar regulations requiring the installation of warning systems into private vehicles.

Toby Cohen Kaftor CEO said that "the phenomenon of forgetting children in a car is sad and tragic. The new technology that we developed operates independently is intended for every parent, caregiver, grandfather and grandmother, uncles and any other person with responsibility of one kind or another who drives children in his car.."

"This system provides peace of mind and security for parents and their families."