PM inspects Hamas terror tunnel
PM inspects Hamas terror tunnelPhoto by Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

The IDF and Shin Bet internal security agency on Thursday exposed an extensive terror infrastructure built by the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, including terror tunnels built for use as hideouts for weapon transfer nodes.

On Wednesday the army also unveiled its efforts to build an underground tunnel barrier, showing journalists the massive engineering project aimed at thwarting Hamas' massive tunnel network along the Gaza border.

Following the discovery of the Hamas tunnel network, Brigadier-General (res.) Tzvika Fogel suggested the time was ripe for an Israeli military operation to neutralize the Hamas threat.

"Everyone is asking how we can defend ourselves against this threat. I, by nature, do not like having to fight a defensive battle." Fogel said in an interview with Arutz Sheva. "When the threat was kassam rockets and mortars, we poured tons of concrete onto bomb shelters, and re-enforced the schools and synagogues."

"Now we are threatened by tunnels, and we decided to build an obstacle against the them. Why do we always have to deal with the threats from the other side? After all, we're the strong one here, so why don't we force them to be on the defensive?"

When asked what actions he would take to change this situation, Fogel argued that Israel must act decisively - and promptly - against Hamas' leadership.

"The best thing would be if tomorrow morning the Hamas leaders woke up for the last time ever and saw IDF soldiers smiling at them."

"There is no other way of achieving deterrence than being willing to pay the price of victory. Words do not deter anyone," he declared. "Deterrence is caused by actions and only actions - and winning, by causing the other side to feel defeated. That is the best kind of deterrence."