Haredi soldier (file)
Haredi soldier (file)Yaakov Naumi - Flash90

The vast majority of haredim who serve in the IDF find jobs after they leave the army, a new study said.

The study was conducted by Asaf Malchi of the Israel Democracy Institute.

According to Calcalist, 90% of haredim who complete their IDF service integrate successfully into the job market. Among these are 87% of soldiers serving in the haredi Shachar program, and 88% of Netzah Yehuda infantry soldiers.

Malchi was responsible for Economy Ministry's research on how haredim integrate themselves into the job market. According to him, the IDF provides its soldiers with a benefit when they start looking for work.

"The haredi population sees service in the IDF as a preparation for finding a job, especially when the soldier in question is married and has a family," Malchi said, explaining that the IDF can use this information to draw additional soldiers and develop tasks for them.

"Some of the haredi soldiers also draft because of patriotic or nationalistic reasons."

According to Israel Democracy Institute Haredi Plan Manager Dr. Gilad Malach, even though the number of haredi draftees is not as high as planned, "the number of haredim serving in the IDF and doing National Service is growing, and 30% of them draft into something which will allow them to find work afterwards."

"This also helps them integrate into the job market, and obviously into Israeli society as a whole. It's very important."

In January, a study showed that haredi candidates have a 50% lower chance of being interviewed by a potential employer.