Yosef Haim Twito
Yosef Haim Twito Hezki Baruch

Yosef Haim Twito, who was stabbed in a terror attack in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood, angrily responded to a Supreme Court decision Thursday morning to shorten the sentence of the 14-year-old terrorist who committed the attack with his cousin.

"The judges of the court gave a tailwind to terror," Twito said of the judges, who decided to shorten the punishment imposed on the terrorist by two-and a-half years.

"From the beginning of the affair, the State Prosecutor's Office showed incredible incompetence when it did not ask the maximum sentence, but at the same time I was surprised to discover that the Supreme Court justices decided to ease the already-lenient punishment."

"It is regrettable that Judge David Mintz, who wrote the verdict, chose to ease the punishment because a prison stay may have undesirable consequences for [the terrorist] - I ask what about the undesirable consequences for me? What about the trauma I went through? The damage caused me for my entire life?”

"Israel has become a haven for terrorists," Twito said. "The judges of the court unfortunately do not understand that easing the punishment of terrorists is a judgment that gives a tailwind to terror."

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