Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin NetanyahuFLASH90

1) Political persecution or fair investigation?It depends who you ask.Binyamin Netanyahu's followers will glumly tell you that persecution of Netanyahu has continued since his election, by the enemies of the National Camp, the Sons of Darkness, who understand that without his defeat, it will be impossible to defeat the right-wing government, and "they won't be able to shrink Israel to the 1967 borders," as one of his greatest followers said. "This is not maltreatment of Netanyahu alone, but of the entire Right - against the right-wing government," he said, his eyes worried.

2) Right-wing government?Sorry friends.It may be true that Netanyahu will not be the prime minister who returns Israel, heaven forbid, to the Auschwitz borders of '67, but that more or less is the full extent of his Right-wingedness.

The last prime minister with a clear right-wing policy was elected here in October 1983, when Yitzhak Shamir was elected prime minister.But since July 1992 he is no longer in power.After him, Rabin and Peres sat on his throne, who brought upon us the Oslo disaster. Barak, who escaped tail-between-legs from Lebanon, encouraged the strengthening of Hezbollah, which became a formidable enemy, and Sharon is father of the criminal disengagement.

But it turns out that since Shamir, none of them (and we did not expect the left to do so) sanctified the Jabotinsky "steel wall".Not even Netanyahu, who was elected on the basis of the Likud platform: "No foreign political entity will be established west of the Jordan River."

3) Netanyahu has been serving here continuously for eight-and-a-half years (and before that, another three years distributed between 1989 and 1996).He always claimed that he was Right but in practice carried out a leftist policy: He gave up Hevron; called Chief Murderer Arafat "my friend"; signed the Wye Agreement to implement the Oslo Accords; adopted the shameful concession formula that made him Lord Balfour of the Palestinians; and had long since surrendered to the blackmail of Sultan Erdogan, paying compensation to the Marmara murderers; and this is a partial list.

4) On voter's day, Netanyahu knew how to exploit the right-wing craving for power.He promised that he would protect Jerusalem, stop the "Arab onslaught at the polls," and save the State from the Left.

No sooner were the ballot boxes locked, and the disk was replaced: The army was stripped of basic principles such as "one who comes to kill you, get in and kill him first" and opened its ranks to the propagandists of the Destroy Israel Fund and the leftist organizations; The IDF operates like an army that has a state rather than the other way around, with a senior officer - the Deputy Chief of Staff - brazenly comparing Israel to Nazi Germany, all the while minimizing the Holocaust and denying it, and he has not yet been deposed; Intensifying the pseudo-purity expressed in the form of the Elor Azaria affair, which he should have eliminated way in its inception with minimum upheaval; Cement and iron continue to be pumped into the murderous Gaza tunnel industry; Allowing the return of bodies to Hamas without demanding the return of Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul; Free hand is given to the Civil Administration in its pursuit of good Jews - salt of the earth - and for dessert: The northern Shomron expellees are still not on their own land. Who needs a Left when there is such a faux Right?

Want more?- Iran continues to bully and threaten;The farce of magnetometers on the Temple Mount furthered its abandonment to Arab rioters.And there is more.In short, there's no boss.There is no king in Israel.

5) And there are reminders from the past: Support for the disengagement in the Knesset and the government (and don't try sell us stories of resistance that burst forth only at the last moment);Mismanagement of Operation Protective Edge, which did not conclude with an unequivocal clarification to Hamas that "the master has lost all patience";The release of 1,027 terrorists in return for one soldier, and another two rounds of releasing murderers;Granting convalescent home conditions to murderers of Jews even though he has no obligation to do so in terms of international law, and more.

Once they argued that Netanyahu was good for settlement.But he did not build a single settlement in all the years of his second term. On the other hand he completely froze construction in the territories for a long time, and even now impedes construction outside the blocs, to the point of the future generation leaving due to the lack of educational buildings and apartments;And in Jerusalem the freeze is still in full swing.

On the civil-social level, he torpedoed a series of moves that could establish the influence of the right-wing (some would argue in his defense, perhaps rightly, that the one who sabotaged these initiatives is the "celebrated rightist" Benny Begin); Freezing the enactment of the hostile NGOs law; Indifference to his democratic duty to reform the unfortunate judges' selection system - unparalleled elsewhere in the world, and which perpetuates the Left's supremacy; Criminal surrender to the Arab masses in Umm al-Fahm, in Jaffa, and elsewhere;Ignoring the increasing incitement of radical Islamic elements in the north and south, and more.

6) Despite all the above, there is no doubt that the Right will continue to see in him the sole candidate for prime minister. There are none but Him.The Right has not yet recovered from the trauma it suffered when it dropped Shamir in 1992 and accepted the Oslo disaster, and when Ehud Barak, who fled from Lebanon in 1999, encouraged the birth of the second intifada.The right does not care that the prime minister under its auspices is a left-wing operative, so long as no undeniably left-wing representative sits in the position.The mask is the most important thing.

Translated by Mordechai Sones.