MK David Bitan
MK David Bitan Yoni Kempinski

Coalition Chairman MK David Bitan (Likud) spoke Wednesday evening, just before the start of a meeting in support of Netanyahu, about the investigations against the Prime Minister.

"Investigations are something the police have to deal with, but there is a situation in which the Left and some of the media people intensify the suspicions. Thus there is a struggle here over public opinion to move votes from the Right to the Left so that the government falls."

“The investigations are being taken advantage of for this purpose - and we must participate in the struggle in order to prevent a shift in public opinion. Netanyahu is a good prime minister, people love him and want him to continue," he said, adding: "We cannot bring down the Prime Minister over a few cigars. People understand this, and therefore the bulk of support is with us.”

Bitan believes that an attempt to influence the investigation is underway. "This pressure exerted by the Left on law enforcement is clear. I do not accept the assertion that it has no influence. These are not people who are immune to pressure, but government officials. I expect them to do the job properly, without pressure, by getting to the truth. We also see that there is selective enforcement here - one law for Netanyahu and one for others. "

"The impact on public opinion is no less important than the investigation. The Left does not care what the results of the investigation are," he said. “It cares about taking advantage of the investigation to transfer votes. Therefore I expect all Likud members to take part in this public relations war,” Bitan said.

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