Bye bye Bibi?
Bye bye Bibi?Flash 90

A survey conducted by the Smith Research Institute in recent days examined what the Israeli Right thinks of elected officials from the national camp.

According to the survey, Jewish Home Chairman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett is also leading among Likud voters while former Likud politician Gideon Sa'ar gets stronger as voters turn left. Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman's (Yisrael Beytenu) weakness is also evident in the poll.

For example, to the question who is the most idealist, 39 percent answered Naftali Bennett, eight percent Transprtation Mnister Yisrael Katz (Likud), 12 percent Gideon Sa'ar, eight percent chose former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, and 11 percent chose Avigdor Liberman.

Responding to the question of who is most loyal to the Land of Israel 48 percent answered Naftali Bennett, 11 percent Avigdor Liberman, 7 percent Moshe Ya'alon, and 9 percent Gideon Sa'ar.

Who most reflects the values of the right?Naftali Bennett won 45 percent against Gideon Sa'ar, who won nine percent. 15 percent said Avigdor Liberman, Moshe Ya'alon got only four percent, while eight percent said Yisrael Katz reflects the values of the right.

The survey examined the respondents' position on the question of which of the following personalities will most strongly stand against Arab terrorism:33 percent believe in Naftali Bennett, five percent Gideon Sa'ar, 27 percent Avigdor Liberman, seven percent Moshe Ya'alon, and nine percent Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud).

Which of the following figures will most likely preserve a united Jerusalem?Sixty percent believe Naftali Bennett, five percent Gideon Sa'ar, 11 percent Avigdor Liberman, five percent Israel Katz, and three percent believe in Ya'alon.

Who needs to head the right after Netanyahu?Twenty-six percent believe that Naftali Bennett should lead, 20 percent think that Gideon Sa'ar is most fit, 12 percent believe in Ysrael Katz, and five percent believe in Moshe Ya'alon.