Yair Netanyahu
Yair NetanyahuFlash 90

The Leftist Molad organization filed a libel suit against the son of the Prime Minister, Yair Netanyahu, demanding compensation of NIS 140,000 following a post Netanyahu published against Molad on his Facebook page.

The claim alleges that the son of the Prime Minister "committed an injustice against the plaintiff in an abominable, cynical, abject, wanton, and uninhibited manner, in order to shame the plaintiff, to shed its blood, to harm its image and reputation, to sabotage its activity and to humiliate it by publishing ugly falsehoods that contain no trace of truth."

Molad was furious at Netanyahu's response to a Facebook post entitled "5 Facts About Yair Netanyahu, the Child of Us All".

In response, Netanyahu the son wrote: "... I will not relate to all the lies and slander.How nice, though, that your side always confuses people with incitement, demonization, character assassination, and crossing red lines.What about some investigation of the various (and foreign) financing sources of the operators of this delusional page?What about some investigation of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's 'son of us all' who went to jail?

"What about some investigation of Prime Minister Olmert's 'son of us all', his interesting relations with the Palestinians and the implications for national security?Or 'the son of all of us' by Prime Minister Peres who killed a soldier with a bullet and the subject was subdued?In the spirit of these days, I have a message to all the members of the Israel Destruction Fund and their satellites," wrote Yair Netanyahu.

Later, Yair shared his response on his personal Facebook page."I saw that some filthy website heavily funded by the radical and anti-Zionist Molad organization financed by the Israel Destruction Fund and the European Union besmirched me. I couldn't hold back and had to reply."

Molad claims the Prime Minister's son issued libel when he wrote "The Israel Destruction Fund," used the word "metastasis" and stated that it was an "anti-Zionist" organization.

Attorney Yossi Cohen, who represents Netanyahu the son, said in response: "Lies.It is a chutzpah that details from a confidential meeting are handed to the media.I will not perform the same injustices done by Molad's representatives because a respected lawyer who respects the rules of ethics does not disclose information about negotiations that are held to reach agreements."