Riot police stand guard near the Israeli embassy in Amman
Riot police stand guard near the Israeli embassy in Amman צילום: Reuters

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is putting pressure on Jordan to allow the Israeli embassy staff to return forthwith, Israel Hayom newspaper reported today (Monday).

Jordan's media outlets report that it is the PA's leaders who are exerting pressure, including at the meeting between King Abdullah and Abbas today, in order to bring about the return of the embassy staff.This is due to the fact that without the Israeli ambassador, it is not possible to issue residence permits for Palestinians Arabs currently in Jordan.

Jordanian citizens of Palestinian Arab origin who wish to visit their families within the PA or conduct business there are required to perform procedures in the Israeli Embassy.

However, embassy staff left after the incident in which a security guard was attacked and killed his assailant and another person.Since then, the embassy has been closed and there is no diplomatic activity or visa issuance - besides the fact that hundreds of passports are locked inside the closed embassy.

Efforts are under way to resolve the issue, in talks between the Jordanian embassy in Israel and the Foreign Ministry.

In the meantime, Jordan continues to insist on exhausting all proceedings against the security guard, despite the fact that Jerusalem has already undertaken to thoroughly investigate the affair.