The head of the IDF's Operations Department, General Aviram Sela, distributed updated instructions on Wednesday for protecting weapons arsenals on IDF bases throughout the country.

A document received by Arutz Sheva and published for the first time shows a significant increase in the number of weapon thefts from the IDF and soldiers, compared with a decline in the number of thefts that had been recorded in previous years.

The thefts are usually carried out by Arabs and Bedouin living near IDF bases in northern and southern Israel.

Since the beginning of 2017, in the last seven months, 63 weapons have been stolen from the IDF. About 50 of them were stolen from military camps and weapons arsenals, and about 13 weapons were stolen from soldiers on leave.

Sela issued updated instructions, and among other things, it was determined that every weapons arsenal must have an armed guard, twenty-four hours a day. Alternatively, a high-ranking officer will have the ability to approve the cancellation of the security guard if cameras and alarms are installed on the storehouse and a protective force is in the vicinity.

As stated, the IDF has been dealing with a wave of thefts in recent months. The most severe case took place at the “Sde Teiman” base in southern Israel, from which 33 weapons were stolen by an Arab contractor who worked in the camp. Recently, weapons and logistics equipment, worth hundreds of thousands of shekels, were stolen from the base.